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In order develop your strategy for the emerging 7 Framework Programme (FP7) these
are some extracts and background documents on what you might want to know.

New Structure of FP7:

  • Cooperation, three priorities: Food, Energy and Environment are relevant
  • Ideas, the new ERC will fund frontier research, for more information on the Starting Independent Researcher Grant, click here
  • People, Marie Curie is back, with substantial changes
  • Capacities, Research Infrastructure funding will increase, a list-of-opportunities has been created, including several environmental and marine topics; a roadmap is under development

    Roadmap – first calls from January 2007

For a short overview presentation on FP7, download EMPA’s 10 slides here.

go to www.hyperion.ie/fp7websites.htm for general EU policy documents and for example
an elaborate section on all Technology Platforms