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train good proposal writers for the future
strengthen soft skills within your project staff
train your staff in project management
create your future European network


A further service of EMPA, which can be given freestanding or as part of a project is our hands-on training. On offer are targeted training sessions on specific aspects like: 
  • proposal writing and project planning
  • project management and reporting or
  • applying for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowships
  • dissemination to non-scientific stakeholders.


All training will use examples from the area of environmental and marine research to illustrate the EC requirements and to explain the EC jargon. Small groups up to 15 participants will benefit most. Generally, training will be offered in-house.


You can choose the elements most suitable for your staff:
  • focusing on administrative or research management
  • in English or German
  • proposal or project oriented
  • report or dissemination focused


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