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Proposal writing
to translate the EU jargon
to structure the process and see it through until the end
… as your guiding light in the EU „jungle“
so that you can talk and plan science, only


Once you have decided to answer a call for proposals, you can hire EMPA to do most of the proposal writing for you. A first meeting with EMPA’s managing director, Dr. Johanna B. Wesnigk, to explain your options is free.


We discuss which tasks you want to delegate to EMPA and we propose our offer, e.g.:
  • managing communication with all partners or only with their administrations
    (meetings, e-mails, version control)
  • providing timelines and templates for the proposal
  • drafting and compiling the "Quality and Efficiency of Implementation" section
    (including risk and innovation management) and/or
  • drafting the "Impact" section (including innovative elements, IPR, exploitation and
    dissemination of results, knowledge integration, data management etc.)
  • compiling and editing full proposal versions
  • checking for completeness and consistency
  • dealing with the electronic submission tool


You choose how EMPA can help you best

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