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Strategic Advice for your Funding Strategy
EMPA will:
inform you on Horizon 2020
place your ideas in Brussels
develop and maintain contacts for you
make sure you know when to act


Enjoy a free first discussion with EMPA’s managing director Dr. Johanna B. Wesnigk to discuss your ideas in the context of EC funding options. Alternatively you can invite Dr. Wesnigk to deliver a lecture targeting your area of interest in Horizon 2020, allowing your staff and colleagues to profit from her knowledge. You would be expected to pay for travel costs.


After either event, you discuss a tailor-made offer which encompasses a wide variety of choices, ranging from
  • lobby work in Brussels to establish or reinforce interest in your scientific area
  • pointing out potential partners and emerging consortia
  • pointing out relevant call topics to you in time.


You choose how EMPA can help you best


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Proposal writing - the next step in the chain

Training - a worthwhile investment