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People – in a nutshell


Budget (€ 4.6 bio.)


Changes compared to FP6:
• more focus on interaction academia – industry
• focus on training, structuring impact, transferable skills, sustained career development ( not research!)
• no more excellence “team” grants


Initial host-driven actions: Marie Curie training networks (= enlarged EST (early stage training site) approach, no more RTN – research training networks),
• minimum 3 partners;
• use allowance to pay chairs, conferences, summer schools;
• create transnational networks and diplomas,
• max 4 years plus 5th year
• the focus is not on joint research !


Individual actions:
• life-long learning, training and career development,
• incl. broad skill development to work in private sector, like project management, communication and dissemination, IPR, ethics;
• centralized selection or
• co-funding with orther organisations (DFG, EMBO, MPG?), which are in the lead, this to be tested in 2-year pilot phase