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Documentary Films

Data Mining Hidden Biological Treasures of the Oceans (Micro B3 project, 2015)

Two documentary films on the topics of Micro B3 were made, covering marine biodiversity, bioinformatics and biotechnology as well as including the Ocean Sampling Days (OSD), its summer school and its legal development of Access and Benefit Sharing aspects of marine microbial diversity (ABS).

The film text is spoken in English, only, but there are sub-titled versions in several European languages, and Arabic. These were mostly done by volunteers and coordinated by EMPA. If you want to develop sub-title in a further language - feel free to contact us.

You can just use them for viewing, teaching, showing at science festivals, but it is appreciated to get some feedback about. If you are interested to use only parts of the film footage get in touch with us under info @ empa-bremen.de. 

High resolution versions of the films can be found here (20 min)

and here (5 min)


SD (640x360) and HD (1280 x 720) versions can be directly downloaded at the Vimeo page.

If you need a full HD version (1920x1080) please contact us: contact @ microb3.eu